Wednesday, April 28, 2010

All in a days work

Im at work, and about to install some software on a server of one of our client that my employers sold them for i dont kow how many thousands of dollars. For the client its a big deal, it will allow them to manage empoyees essentially saving time and making more money. Theres nothing wrong with that, im a believer in capitalism, and have my own dreams of making gobbs of money. I have a job to do and all i can think about is writing. I love everything about it, yes even the business aspect I spoke of earlier. I love the romantisized part that i refuse to let go, i love the realistic side that is hard, hard, work. I love my writing friends who support me, and who i support. Every day I look forward to going home so i can write, and when i get home i spend an hour with my hands on the keyboard of my laptop, and a blank stare on my face. But thats okay i love writers block too


NaTahsha Ford said...

Way to be James! I feel the same way, only is accompanied with guilt, since, I often find my self ignoring my daughter while I write, or think about writing. Gotta find that balance, right? Happy writing!

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