Saturday, May 1, 2010

Missing home

Don't get me wrong, I still love it here. The weather has been absolutely beautiful, and we're having a good time laughing and acting like idiots while we work until 2:00 am. We've spent far too much time shopping at Home Depot (my favorite store ever), and too little time off my feet; they are killing me! But we have accomplished a lot, and the house is looking good.

The main reason I'm missing home, is that I am out of my routine, and haven't had any time to write. We take little breaks here and there, but it's not enough to give to Sam and the boys. I'm actually feeling kind of guilty about it, and feel like if I neglect his story much more, he's going to leave me for another writer. What a horrible thought! Nah Sam wouldn't do it; we have too much time invested in this relationship for either one of us to abandon the other. At the risk of sounding like I bat for the other team, I must say, that I need to get back to him ASAP.


Reana said...

Thanks James for the comment, hope you get back soon. And yes don't give up on Sam. We love him.
Oh, Yeah! I think my Ghost is following someone else now. muahahahahahaha!!! (evil laugh) :)

Jenkins: Our Family said...

It's OK. Just come out. We won't judge you. :)

Jojomama said...

Don't be so sure. I think Sam has a wandering eye... better not take him for granted--he has needs too, you know.

Write Chick said...

I always worry that my characters will fly into someone else's head if I'm away from them for too long also. You better get back soon, before your muse completely deserts you.

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